Just remeber that deep inside my heart, I still have a place for Byun Baekhyun

  • kyungsoo: writer-nim! writer-nim!
  • jongin: bruh I thought you had amnesia


can you imagine everyone in exo huddled up together in the living room watching It’s Okay That’s Love while kyungsoo squirms embarrassingly in the middle of them 


this is my favorite scene rn

sasaeng!kyungsoo watching author-nim pee like

"nice penis bruh"

  • director: okay kyungsoo i want you to glance down at his crotch while you guys piss in the bathroom
  • kyungsoo: ex...cuse me?
  • director: just do it
  • kyungsoo: alright then
  • kyungsoo: /glances down/
  • /phone starts ringing/
  • kyungsoo: pardon me, lemme just get this
  • kyungsoo: hello?
  • jongin: hyUNG
  • jongin: WHATRE YOU DOING
  • jongin: HYUNG STOP